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Bumbu Rum

I was the Operations Manager for Sovereign Brands, the parent company of Bumbu. I was on a small team that launched the brand, now worth over $50m+. I saw first hand how marketing, distribution, sales, and celebrity endorsements came together to create a huge success in the liquor industry.

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I started working on Bumbu when the brand was just an idea. I worked with C-suite to develop logos, bottles, liquid, and more. I worked with the design team to source over $1m worth of marketing materials from China via Alibaba. The brand launched with Lil Wayne as partner and the primary celebrity endorsements. Fun fact -- I actually came up with the brand name in the office!

I managed sourcing, distribution, and operations of the marketing department as lead operator. I saw first hand how the Berish family made Bumbu into a smashing success.

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